Introducing the OilWatch 600 Series

PBA is the Transfomer expert. We are proud to bring you an innovative range of products that enable superior asset management of oil filled Transformers.

The OilWatch600 Series offers you an industry leading product suite. From the laboratory DGA a cloud-based transformer oil management platform, the realtime display of online DGA monitors, the remote monitoring of moisture in oil, to the portable transformer dry out systems, using the OilWatch600 Series will ensure unrivalled asset management capability.

Couple these features with our Transformer asset management expertise and you can be assured you are working with a range of products that is 100% backed by the industry leader.

The PBA OilWatch 600 Series - economic and sound Transformer Oil Monitoring products.

  • cloud based transformer oil management
  • integrate field online DGA equipment
  • cost effective moisture in oil measurements
  • online unattended transformer dry out system

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