OilWatch 600L   -   Transformer Lab Results

manage and analyse transformer lab results

PBA's OilWatch 600L is part of the PBA SmartData600 Suite of asset management tools. It is a cloud-based software solution allowing users to log transformer laboratory oil test results, and track and analyse results against recognised industry standards.

Key features:

  • Cost effective subscription service.
  • Secure cloud-based solution - no internal IT support required.
  • User maintainable to add new assets and test data - authorised users.
  • Range of charting options and data review option.
  • Standards covered:
    • IEC 60599
      • IEC 90% Concentrations
      • IEC Analysis Ratios
      • Duval's Percentages
      • Duval's Triangle
    • IEEE C57.104
      • IEEE Key Gas Concentrations
      • IEEE Relative Ratios and Fault Analysis
      • Rogers Analysis Ratios
      • Doernenburg Individual Limits
      • Doernenburg Analysis Ratios
  • User downloadable data.


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